If you have an Internet site, it is likely you rely on the backup system which the service provider employs considering that it's less likely that you're keeping a daily backup of your data on your personal computer. The backup can save you in a variety of situations including deleting some content accidentally or an unauthorized third-party accessing your account as the site could be restored to its previous state with ease. The only problem is that most providers keep only 1 copy of your info and when a new one is made, the old one is erased. In other words, if you notice a problem a few days after it has appeared, it could be too late and the loss of data may be irreversible. Our custom backup platform was created to avoid this sort of a problem and it is an assurance that you will never lose any of your info. It allows you to select the content that has to be restored and the particular date when the backup was created by our system.

Browsable Daily Backups in Cloud Hosting

If you obtain one of our cloud hosting packages, we will keep backups of all of your info 4 times a day, so in the event that anything needs to be restored, you can use the newest copy, which means no loss of data or minimal damage in case that you've included data after the last backup was generated. You shall also be able to search through all backups going a week back from the File Manager section of your CP, consequently you'll be able to easily find and restore the files you need from the particular time that you require. The restoration is as easy as copying a file or a folder from one location to another, consequently no special competencies are required. For security reasons all backup files are read-only to ensure that content can't be erased from them unintentionally. With this platform you will never have to concern yourself with the integrity of your data no matter what as we will constantly have at least several copies that you'll always be able to browse from inside your CP.

Browsable Daily Backups in Dedicated Hosting

If you buy any of our semi-dedicated servers, our system will create backups of any info you create or upload by default. This will happen four times daily at regular intervals and the copies are kept for at least 7 days as to make certain that just in case you need an older backup, we will have it. We've improved this function much more since we have made it possible to look through all available backups like ordinary folders inside the File Manager of the web hosting Control Panel. This shall offer you more control over your Internet sites given that you are able to see when every one of the backups has been made and you can restore any file or folder by copying it to the active domain directory in your account. Certainly, our tech support can help you with that, but in the event that you require anything to be restored immediately, you will not have to lose time. With our backup service, you'll not have to worry about losing vital information even in case you find out that you need it a few days later.