Despite of the fact that an average cloud hosting account is typically created automatically, there are always small setup duties that are executed manually by the website hosting company. The set up of a virtual or a dedicated server takes even more efforts due to the fact that a lot of time is spent to install and configure the software and hardware setting, and after that test the machine in order to warrant its proper functioning before it is handed over to the end user. To be able to cover the time spent on that, various companies have an installation fee that you need to pay every time you acquire your brand new hosting package. Often, that particular charge won't appear before you reach the payment page and you won't notice it before that on the main page next to the hosting plan characteristics. In the general case, this cost is one-time and it will vary from a small to a significant amount of money based on the company.

Setup Fee in Cloud Hosting

We do not charge anything in addition to the cost of the cloud hosting plan that you select, thus you won't have to pay any sort of set-up charges or any other costs different from what you've already found on the main page. We think that being honest to our clients is of key importance to making a long-term business partnership, that's why we will never ask you to pay concealed charges of any sort, particularly for something that's almost entirely automated and normally takes a couple of min to be performed by our system. You won't pay installation charges even if you purchase numerous accounts plus they will all be entirely active immediately, so you can begin creating your web sites. The total amount that you will have to pay for any of our packages is the very same that you will find on our home page.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated server packages are activated right away and with no additional setup fees. The worth that you'll pay upon signup is identical to what you'll pay to renew your website hosting account the following months and the one that you will find both on our front page & on your bank statement. In the event that you currently have a regular shared hosting plan from our company and you're getting a semi-dedicated server so as to get extra power, we will switch all your info and we'll still not charge you a dime on top of the regular monthly charge for your new package. Because the process is almost completely automated, we consider that that there is no reason to charge you a further amount of dollars, consequently the price that you see on our website is the total that you will have to spend.

Setup Fee in VPS Servers

When you get a VPS server through our company, all you'll have to pay is the standard monthly price for the plan you've selected and that particular cost is exactly the same every month that you use the server. We don't have any kind of hidden or installation charges and we think that creating a long-term business relationship that is dependant on trust is more important than charging you a few extra dollars with some concealed charge that you do not see on the front page. We'll assemble your virtual server and install its Operating System plus all the required software applications absolutely free of charge. If you get the VPS with our Hepsia web hosting Control Panel and you already have a shared hosting plan with us, we can even move all of your content to your new server totally free.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers

When you order a dedicated server from our company, we shall set up the machine completely free of charge. The cost that you can see and pay is equivalent on our web site, on the payment page as well as on your bank statement, plus the exact amount you'll pay through the registration is the same as the one you will pay to renew your package later on. We will offer you a ready-to-use machine, which is put together and tested, and which features all the needed software pre-installed - Operating System, web server, MySQL, FTP, as well as web hosting Control Panel when you have picked one through the signup, still all the aforementioned duties are carried out free of charge. We can even move all of your data without extra charge if you acquire your dedicated server with the Hepsia Control Panel and you already have a standard shared hosting plan from our company.